About Us

Balaji Logistics is a leading courier service company based in NCR, offering a comprehensive range of services with an extensive network covering multiple locations. Our vision is to redefine the logistics industry by setting new benchmarks in speed, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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Our Services

Cargo Service

Our cargo service is well-known and highly reliable. We specialize in handling various types of cargo, including food-grade, hazardous, and rare/precious items.With our extensive experience, you can trust us to transport your cargo safely and securely.

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Part Truck Movement

Get served with truckload services with on-time deliveries in all the major areas around the country. Part load transport service is essential for all sorts...

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Port To Port Movement

Port-to-Port shipping involves the middle leg of the entire shipping process. This refers to the transportation of materials in shipping containers from the port...

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Full Truck Movement

Being one of the most notable online truck booking platforms puts ahead of the clients with cheap truck rental services together with great discount offers...

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Reverse Logistics

We provide reverse and forward pick-ups across multiple locations, physical and electronic proofs of delivery, and a consignee-to-pay facility.

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Door to Door Service

Door-to-Door Delivery Services across India. Timely deliveries, transparent tracking, nationwide reach. Pickup and drop-off at customer's location.

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